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With CodeWrights as an experienced partner, you benefit from both individual software services and pre-developed, tested software modules - offering you a faster time-to-market for your customized product.

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Expand your customer base by making your devices part of a connected ecosystem

Standardized information models accelerate digital transformation. Your devices provide data to be retrieved in apps or cloud services. Using these established industry standards, you create new opportunities for your customers.


Development Services

Your need for a fast, flexible and reliable development partner will be met by our promise to deliver the best customer experience based on latest market technologies, key industry expertise and highest ability to solve problems in an agile environment.
Starting with ideation, requirement engineering through consulting, implementation and test to certification, registration and delivery concepts we support your full device's or application's lifecycle.

Mobile and Cloud Applications

Mobile and Cloud Applications

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Device Configuration
  • Device Monitoring
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Data Exchange
Industrial Automation Software

Industrial Automation Software

  • Asset Management
  • Device Configuration
  • Device Diagnostics
  • Data Acquisition and Data Preprocessing
Embedded Software

Embedded Software

  • Communication Protocols
  • Data Modeling
  • Web-based User Interfaces
  • Linux Services



Using recognized standards such as FDT or FDI, our pre-engineered solutions help you to faster integrate your device with asset management systems or automation ecosystems.

Our prebuild components and solutions

We help you to create your customized product faster & more reliable by using predeveloped and pretested software modules and services

CodeWrights IIoT Server

The CodeWrights IIoT server maps the NOA diode. (NAMUR Open Architecture). All data from existing field devices can be automatically read and made available to cloud applications via the integrated OPC-UA server. It delivers the device information in PA-DIM harmonized and manufacturer independent and helps rapid troubleshooting, avoidance of downtimes and optimization of your assets.

Product Details:

  • Docker Image
  • Support for HART, WirelessHART, HART-IP, Profibus
  • Windows, Linux
  • ARM, Intel
  • Current real data from the plant are available at all times
  • Automatic documentation
  • Continuous monitoring of field devices

DTM based on your FDI device package (iDTM-FDI)

iDTM-FDI is a customizable DTM that uses your FDI device package and creates a FDT compliant DTM that works in every standard FDT host system. You don't need to further invest into FDT technology and can focus on the FDI device package for your device.

Product Details:

  • Supports FDT1.2 and FDT2
  • HART, Profibus and Profinet Communication
  • UIP Support including Direct Access
  • HTML5 UIP support
  • Online/Offline Configuration
  • Up-/Download
  • Multilanguage

DTM based on your EDD (iDTM-EDD)

iDTM-EDD is a customizable DTM that uses your EDD and creates a FDT compliant DTM that works in every standard FDT1.2 host system. You don't need to further invest into FDT technology and can focus on the EDD for your device.

Product Details:

  • Supports FDT1.2
  • HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Modbus communication
  • Online/Offline Configuration
  • Up-/Download
  • Brandlabelling
  • FDTPrint
  • SDKModule Support (custom extensions)
  • Multilanguage

Test and Certification

In our laboratory, we provide all major host systems. We support your development with tests, certification or registration.

Service Details:

  • Test plans with professional tooling
  • Test execution with various host systems
  • Support for the official FieldComm Group registration
  • Support for the official FDT certification


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Every customer has different requirements. We proceed step by step to understand your challenges and present our solutions. The first step is a non-binding conversation. We would be happy to get to know you!

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Memberships and references

CodeWrights is member of several technology organizations. With the active participation in our working groups we stay up-to-date and improve standards and technologies. This enables us to select the best suited technology for your development.

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